Mantle Film

Mantle Film is an innovative new 7 layer solution that when used in combination with a high quality pre-stretched 5 layer film will produce maximum efficiency in silage bales.  Mantle Film preserves and improves the energy and nutrient content making bales easy and convenient to handle at the same time.

Mantle Film can be used in conjunction with thinner micron films with minimal loss of performance. The film can be stretched tighter around the bale resulting in more compact, high density bales – making silage bales that are easier to handle and transport.

  • Creates an effective oxygen barrier and greater resistance to aid crop conservation
  • Reduced silage losses through enhanced oxygen barrier that discourages white mould growth
  • 100% recylable
  • No fodder can become enmeshed in the net enabling it to peel cleanly away from the bale
  • Suitable for use in fusion balers
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