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EcoPlus Silage Wrap

Eco Plus® wrap is a 5-layer co-extruded film manufactured with the latest-generation polyethylene copolymers (100% LLDPE -Dowlex Linear Low-Density Polyethylene).  The formulation chosen for Eco Plus® makes it ideal for high-performance wrapping of silage fodder bales.

  • Good opacity and colour density, which improves fermentation
  • Additional length allows wrapping up to 3 more bales per roll
  • Able to withstand piercing dry stalks and angular corners of square bales
  • Time saved with less Machine stops
  • 12-month UV resistance
  • Top Film Sealing with excellent adhesive strength
  • Improved elasticity and high resistance to perforation
  • 22 Micron
  • Dricore (paper-based water-resistant core)
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