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Combi Vapour Layer

Combi Vapour Layer is a silage cover and underlayer all rolled in to one cover. The convenience of one cover with the benefits of using a 40 micron cling film underlay and a 127 micron UV stabilised outer. The primary oxygen barrier film sheet sucks down onto the silage creating a vacuum, resulting in an air tight clamp with little to no top or shoulder waste. Usual waste can be eliminated by as much as 100% saving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in lost silage with the benefit of enhanced silage quality.

  • Users can save up to $5.50 per ton of silage*
  • Very low oxygen transmission rate, eliminating surface spoilage, saving time and money
  • Dry matter loss in the top metre of silage is reduced by 50%*
  • Aerobic stability is increased by up to 2.5 days so silage on face and in front of cows stays fresh and nutrient rich longer
  • Free fall configuration enabling underlayer and top cover to be easily deployed on pile in one action

* When compared to using a conventional black/white cover

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