Silage Wrap

Superior protection for baled silage

Manufactured for use in Australasian conditions, Donaghys Crop Packaging offers a range of mono and co-extruded wrap to meet your wrapping requirements.  Our Silage Wrap has an enhanced UV formulation for superior protection for a minimum of 12 months UV resistance in the field.

Cycled Wrap

Cycled Wrap is the new way, eco-friendly film with a high content of recycled raw material, the film’s 7-layer co-extrusion technology also allows for very narrow tolerances and excellent strength in wrapping, both round and square bales, it offers technical properties equivalent to premium silage films

  • Maximum UV resistance for 12 months
  • 25 Micron Thickness
  • More robust
  • Safer to withstand long periods of storage


Silograss Silage Wrap

Silograss™ is the result of independent research and development with farmers and agricultural machinery operators in more than 20 countries around the world including New Zealand. This product is a high-performance film, benefiting from high tack levels, it maintains a consistent appearance. Silograss™ is designed for trouble-free use whether you’re wrapping round or large square bales on a wide variety of forage

  • Dricore (paper-based water-resistant core) or Plastic Cores
  • All kinds of bales (round, square, and mini bale)
  • Manufactured using highest quality raw materials
  • All types of bale wrappers
  • 25 Micron Thickness
  • High Resistance to perforation
  • UV stabilised for 1 year

Supergrass Silage Wrap

Supergrass® is a premium wrap and is known as the “Rolls Royce of our silage wrap range”.  An ultra-resistance wrap, when stretched in any direction.  Supergrass® is specifically designed to be used on high speed wrappers and square bales.

  • Ultra-resistant film when stretched in both transverse and longitude directions
  • Plastic and Dricore (paper-based water-resistant core) options available
  • Excellent adhesive strength with improved elasticity
  • High resistance to perforation
  • UV stabilised for 1 year
  • 25 Micron Thickness

Seven Silage Wrap

Seven is an economical solution to wrap round or square bales. You can now enjoy a film that is three times stronger than a standard wrap! Seven offers contractors a new level of protection with the peace of mind of achieving performance improvements, much better impact and tear resistance than with standard films.  Seven achieves outstanding results: a very smooth silage wrap that is perfectly adapted to the bale surface, creating a very effective airtight barrier producing optimal fermentation.

  • Three times more mechanical resistance
  • Very effective airtight barrier
  • 20% extra length per roll
  • Cost is reduced by 10% per bale
  • Plastic Core
  • 22 Micron Thickness
  • UV resistance


Powerstretch Silage Wrap

PowerStretch® film is becoming one of our most popular brands of bale wrap, while this wrap is pretty much the same as every other wrap it’s the more economical option.  We only recently added this product to our range but it’s popularity has cemented its spot in our range

  • 25 Micron Thickness
  • Plastic core
  • UV Stabilised for 12 Months
  • High resistance to perforation
  • Superior film at competitive pricing


EcoPlus Silage Wrap

Eco Plus® wrap is a 5-layer co-extruded film manufactured with the latest-generation polyethylene copolymers (100% LLDPE -Dowlex Linear Low-Density Polyethylene).  The formulation chosen for Eco Plus® makes it ideal for high-performance wrapping of silage fodder bales.

  • Good opacity and colour density, which improves fermentation
  • Additional length allows wrapping up to 3 more bales per roll
  • Able to withstand piercing dry stalks and angular corners of square bales
  • Time saved with less Machine stops
  • 12-month UV resistance
  • Top Film Sealing with excellent adhesive strength
  • Improved elasticity and high resistance to perforation
  • 22 Micron
  • Dricore (paper-based water-resistant core)

Eco Ultra Silage Wrap

Eco Ultra is a 5-layer co-extruded film manufactured with the latest generation polyethylene co-polymers to create an economical solution for wrapping round and square bales.  Eco Ultra has excellent resistance to impacts and tears and is designed for high performance wrapping of silage fodder bales.

  • Cost effective with additional length wrapping up to 6 more bales per roll
  • Improved elasticity minimising tear and breakages through the pre-stretch process
  • Excellent adhesive strength achieving optimal silage fermentation
  • UV Stabilised for 12 Months
  • 22 micron thickness
  • Plastic Core