Grain Storage

A new economical way to store your grain

Advances in grain bagging technology have led to the acceptance of the Grain Bagging System over conventional storage bins, providing economical temporary storage for extra grain in a wide variety of crops.  Grain bags provide grain producers with the ability to preserve grain until a more convenient time is available for final delivery, processing or handling of the grain.

Grain bags provide an excellent, reliable system for ensiling high moisture grain in an oxygen deprived environment, so the risks of the grain heating are minimised (if not eliminated).

Grain Bags

Due to the free flowing nature of grain, bagging grain can put excess strain on the regular silage bag.  Using the latest technology in high performance resins, AgriPac® Grain Bags are designed specifically for grain storage.  These grain bags are manufactured with tri-extruded technology by AT Plastics, world leaders in the manufacture of specialty film products.

  • Available in different sizes to meet your requirements
  • Manufacturers recommend using less packing pressure when bagging grain or similar material, putting little to no stretch on the bag