Baler Twine

Since its beginnings in 1876, Donaghys have manufactured twine for the rural industry.  Now, 130 years later, Donaghys operates as a market leader in the manufacture and export of baler twine.  Donaghys provide a full range of natural and synthetic fibre twines for Small Square, Big Round and Big Square baling applications.

As demands have changed, Donaghys have been at the forefront of research and development to provide contractors with high performance twines to meet their requirements.  Donaghys’ innovation and technology has led to advancements in knot strength and ball length, coupled with highly visible fibres.  These initiatives solidify Donaghys as leaders in Big Square Twine manufacture.


A natural biodegradable sisal twine for use in small square balers.  Freerun has been rot proofed for the longer life demanded by field conditions, and as its name suggests is free of knots and excess fibres to reduce the build-up around the knotters.

  • Fully biodegradable natural twine
  • Treated with a rot proof preservative for longer life
  • Free of knots and excess fibres
  • 1200 metres per spool

Bulky Fibre

Bulky Fibre is a tough synthetic twine with additional bulk for high performance and improved handling.  Bulky Fibre has been designed to be easier on your machinery and your hands.  The extra long 1500m spool helps to minimise time lost in the field.

  • Unique handling properties, designed to be easier on your hands
  • Less wear on moving parts ensures smoother running in your baler
  • 1500 metres per spool
  • 109kg minimum knot strength

Top Knot

For serious performance.  With a minimum knot strength of 226kg, the superior knotting and performance of Top Knot was developed specifically for high density big square bales. Made from titanium impregnated UV resistant synthetic fibre, this twine is suitable for the strongest of baler applications.

  • Titanium strength characteristics
  • 237kg (522lb) average knot strength
  • 1100m (3608ft) spool length
  • Ideal for high density big square balers

Don 440

The first choice amongst contractors, Don 440 was developed for medium to high density big square bales.

  • 200kg (440lb) average knot strength
  • 1300m (4265 ft) spool length
  • Ideal for medium to high density big square balers

Don 480

Outstanding in the toughest field conditions, Don 480 was designed with the contractor in mind.  Don 480 features a unique combination of extra length and superior strength making it ideal for use in high density big square balers.

  • 221kg (487lb) average knot strength
  • 1220m (4000ft) spool length
  • Ideal for high density big square balers

Ezy Run 460

Ezy Run 460 is designed to dramatically decrease the wear and tear on machinery with up to 50% less wear than harsher twines.

  • 209kg (460lb) average knot strength
  • 1220m (4000ft) spool length
  • Ideal for medium to high density big square balers

EzySee Blue

Designed as a tough, rot resistant, no nonsense workhorse, Ezy-See Blue is the contractors’ first choice for small square conventional bales or if the workload demands it, high density big round bales.  The long 2000m spool was designed with the contractor in mind to maximise baler machine runnage and to lessen downtime in the field.

  • Highly visible blue twine
  • 2000m per spool
  • 64kg minimum knot strength
  • Also suitable for high density big round bales

Big Blue

Designed as a major time saver when baling, Big Blue has an exceptionally long 6000m spool to maximise baler machine runnage and reduce time lost in the field.  Couple this with the added advantage of a highly visible incandescent blue fibre and superior U.V. resistance, you have a synthetic twine that allows real savings and efficiency in the use of time and money

  • Highly visible with superior UV resistance
  • 6000 metres per spool
  • For low to medium density big round bales

Superfilm Big Round

Superfilm Big Round is a synthetic twine offering excellent value for money.  This tough, rot resistant synthetic twine has high UV resistance yet is easy through the baler.  Each 4000m spool is bright orange in colour for high visibility in the field and is designed for use in all big round balers.

  • Highly visible orange twine
  • 4000 metres per spool
  • For use in all big round balers


The R-LINE range of twines replaces the very popular Cobra twines. The next generation of twine produced off the very latest extrusion lines give a softer longer running twine without sacrificing strength and performance.  RLINE R2 twine is specially designed to offers continuous high performance and exceptional knot strength.  R2 performs best in modern high-density balers such as the Krone Big Pack and Claas Quadrant machines for trouble free baling.

  • Softer and Less abrasive compared to other twines
  • Lower maintenance costs to end users
  • Extra length
  • UV Stabilized
  • Designed for all types of crop including high density straw, hay & silage