Fast reliable full coverage bales

Balenet, because of its ease and speed of application, has become a popular alternative to twine.  Balenet increases your baler’s efficiency by optimising baling speed, providing greater fuel efficiency and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Donaghys Crop Packaging have worked with leading European manufacturers to provide a range of full coverage balenets designed for use in Australian and New Zealand conditions.  Donaghys Crop Packagings’ range of high quality balenets provide a number of features to make baling easier, faster and to provide better quality wrapping with less baler stoppages, saving you time and money.

Mantle Film

Mantle Film is an innovative new 7 layer solution that when used in combination with a high quality pre-stretched 5 layer film will produce maximum efficiency in silage bales.  Mantle Film preserves and improves the energy and nutrient content making bales easy and convenient to handle at the same time.

Mantle Film can be used in conjunction with thinner micron films with minimal loss of performance. The film can be stretched tighter around the bale resulting in more compact, high density bales – making silage bales that are easier to handle and transport.

  • Creates an effective oxygen barrier and greater resistance to aid crop conservation
  • Reduced silage losses through enhanced oxygen barrier that discourages white mould growth
  • 100% recylable
  • No fodder can become enmeshed in the net enabling it to peel cleanly away from the bale
  • Suitable for use in fusion balers


Ecoedge™ balenet is an economical net designed to provide high quality results at a lower cost. Suitable for all crops (hay, straw, silage) under all weather conditions and enhances water shedding ability.

  • 2 handles for easy carrying
  • Edge protection and core protection to ensure uniformed roll winding
  • Coloured edges with left and right markers while main net is white
  • UV protected and suitable under all weather conditions
  • Red end of roll warning stripe 70m from end of roll
  • Rolls are packaged with hard paper core insid and poly bags outside. Each piece is then packed into a plastic bag, then in a carton.


Protector™ balenet has strong tensile strength, high strength to tearing and protection against UV. It is a premium quality round balenet for use in all balers creating the perfect bale every time. It provides consistent and uniform bale coverage.

  • Suitable for all crops such as hay, straw and silage
  • Green edges while the main net is yellow in colour
  • End of roll warning indicator 70 metres from end of roll
  • UV stabilised and antistatic treated
  • High breaking strength to cope with heaviest of bales, meeting international industry standards, certifications and SIGNUM test approved.


Edgespan™ is our premium balenet with well established performance and compatible with popular balers. Edge to edge technology guarantees the perfect coverage every time.

  • Strong with the minimum tensile 280kg strength
  • Right/left indicators for identification – blue and green edges to assist while handling and unwrapping the bale.
  • End of roll warning stripe highlights when there is 70 metres of roll remaining
  • Treated with double UV protection and tested to guarantee perfect performance under harsh New Zealand conditions
  • Cradle shaped roll supports
  • A minimum of 2.5 wraps per bale is recommended