Origins and Evolution

The company was founded in 2017 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  After Donaghys Ltd decided to separate from the Crop Packaging side of the business, we are proud to continue the Donaghys name in our new company going forward and carry with us a history that was created by John Donaghy a determined and hard working man whose vision left the legacy that is today a name synonymous with rope, cordage and extruded and injected plastics in Australasia.

The company was built on a work ethic that continues today and will continue in our new company also

Now a reputable and integral part of the rural community, Donaghys is a ‘can do’ company dedicated to growth opportunities, research and development and keeping pace with the ever changing requirements of progressive industries.  As such, Donaghys has evolved into a leading supplier of performance products with a wider brief and an international attitude.